Bluebell, or BeBe as we call her, is around three months old, maybe a little less. Our friend’s son, Jacob, was introduced to her while visiting family in Houston. He could tell that BeBe was very malnourished and sick. BeBe’s previous owner only had her for a day when he decided to dump her somewhere around Houston. Jacob, with the help of his Grandfather, convinced the man to go back to the dumping ground to find her and bring her to him. Next, Jacob took BeBe to the vet, spending every last penny he had earned and saved. Jacob’s kindness and leadership saved BeBe’s life. Due to all the shelters and rescues being filled, Jacob’s father, Eric, reached out to us to see if we could help. 

Upon arriving in Austin, BeBe, extremely dehydrated, unable to hold down food, and barely hanging on to life, was immediately taken to an Emergency Animal Hospital where she was given medication and pumped with fluids. The following day, our friend Liz, a Vet Tech, took BeBe to work with her where they were able to do their magic and get BeBe stable. Finally, she began to eat and her health immediately improved. 


Ten days later, BeBe is doing amazing. In fact, her light is so bright we have to wear Blue Blockers around her so we aren’t blinded. She is still underweight, but won’t be for long due to her insatiable appetite. She has all the energy expected of a puppy and wants nothing more than to play, eat, play some more, and nap. We have fallen in love with this gorgeous girl and her zest for life. 

BeBe is great with other dogs, cats, and has yet to meet a human she doesn’t adore and want to cuddle with.

Currently, we are looking for a foster for little BeBe, as well as funds for her vet care, vaccinations, spaying, re-homing, and additional expenses. 


If you are interested in FOSTERING BeBe, please fill out a foster application. We will provide food, medication, and everything you need to set up BeBe and your household for a win. Applicants must foster for seven days before filling out an adoption application so we’re sure it’s a good fit for both your household and BeBe. 

Please understand that our first priority is BeBe’s well-being and we want to be sure that her new family is equipped with the tools and patience to take on a puppy, which is Advanced Dog Stewardship. 

What do we mean by Advanced Dog Stewardship

  1. Puppy Energy. BeBe has a tremendous amount of energy and needs someone who can match that energy with playing, walks, etc. Otherwise, she, like any puppy, will resort to destruction and nobody wants that.

  2. Parvo. BeBe is currently shedding parvo so she can’t socialize with any dog currently going through parvo vaccinations. If your dog has already had and shed parvo or been vaccinated for parvo there is nothing to worry about.

  3. Teething. BeBe is constantly chewing things which is normal. Her foster will need lots of bones and toys (which we will provide) to accommodate her teething, otherwise she will chew on you and everything in sight.

  4. House Training. BeBe is not house-trained yet, so that will be something to consider when fostering. It will be the responsibility of her steward to train her (we can help), however one must be ready for indoor pees and poops until she is house-trained. 

  5. Crate Training. If you decide to crate-train BeBe, know that you are starting from scratch. She will bark and carry on like she is being tortured. Having close neighbors that might think you are torturing puppies in your residence is something to consider.

We are not trying to scare anyone away from fostering or adopting BeBe, we just want to be transparent about the reality of fostering and adopting a puppy. Finding BeBe a forever family is our number one goal. Having her sent back because stewarding a puppy is hard work would be detrimental to BeBe’s well being and ours. If our guidelines seem strict, that is why. 

We are raising $3,000 for BeBe’s vet bills, vaccinations, spaying, foster care, re-homing, and any other expenses that may arise. Any additional monies raised will go toward Bully Ranch’s mission.

If you’d like to FOSTER BeBe, please fill out a Foster Application.  

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