The Dog Pack

We're married. Our dogs are best friends. Our dogs are our best friends.




Diane Blastic

Master ASL Interpreter, wife, excellent cook, loving pit bull momma. Diane loves long morning walks with her pack. She looks very sweet. Don't get it twisted, though. She'll cut ya.


Paul Hendricks

Devoted husband, author, big mouth, trainer. Paul excels at picking up dog poop. He also takes embarrassing pictures of his dogs just in case he needs to use them.


Barker Posey

Humans didn't want me. They said I was
crazy. Well, look at me now. I'm a princess. 
My humans pick up my poop. Do yours?


FKN Vito

I look like a demon. Some humans are
afraid of me. They watch too much TV.
My kisses don't hurt, but my breath might.