Where does the money go?

We're glad you asked. When you donate to Bully Ranch, know that your money is directly funding the entire operation. 


Veterinary Care, Food, Shelter

Vet care for the dogs, including any medical issues they may have upon entering Bully Ranch or issues that may arise during their stay. 

  • Spay or Neutering
  • Vaccinations
  • Flea & Ticket Treatment
  • Heart-worm prevention

Staff Salaries

Our motto is Win-Win. Therefore, we want the best, most qualified individuals working with our animals. One of the biggest challenges facing the animal shelter and rescue world is burnout and turnover. There’s a notion that taking a position in the non-profit world means barely being able to survive. This leads to fatigue and turnover and inevitably costs more money training new employees. We’re changing that paradigm. Second, we want a capable and enthusiastic staff while providing a fun and rewarding environment. Third, and most importantly, we want our animals to be well taken care of and happy. Of course we want the same for our staff because the two are connected. You can’t have one without the other. When the employees win, the animals win.




We have trainers on staff that work with the dogs. If there’s an issue or challenge that is out of our wheelhouse of expertise, we ask outside trainers to either consult or work directly with an animal.


Plain and simple, we want to save lives. If you’ve read the mission of Bully Ranch, you know we’re in the business of saving pit bulls from euthanasia, rehabilitating and training them, then getting them adopted into a loving family. Our vision is for the ranch to evolve into a City of Refuge for all animals, allowing them to fulfill their birthright of living a life of freedom. Your support helps us feed that vision and grow to accommodate future members of the Bully Ranch family.