Adopt Don't Shop!

This past Sunday was Puppy Mill Awareness Day here in Texas. I was at the event, wo-manning the table for Love-A-Bull and while I am partial to my square-headed, stocky-bodied, goofy-smiled pit bulls, I had to admire all of the dogs that were represented. It was an amazing experience to be with all of these rescuers. All of them talked of fundraising, fosters, partnerships, and needs. Yet, everyone thanked every other rescue for the work and love they put into the dogs they rescue.

In stark contrast to the love and care dog rescuers demonstrate are the puppy mills and backyard breeders we rally against. Often dogs from these situations are ill. They are over-bred. Their living conditions are deplorable. They are cast aside when they become too old and sick to continue being a money maker.

Some rescues specifically take these disposed dogs, rehabilitate them, and place them into families. These purebred pups get to feel the love of a family and receive the safety they long to have. Dogs that have been too traumatized or are too sick may be euthanized. Their brains and bodies have been stressed for too long and cannot handle being introduced to a life beyond their cage.

Rescuers know what puppy mills and backyard breeders look like. It’s not pretty. Rescuing can be heartbreaking work. And it can be the most rewarding work. In Texas alone, the list of purebred dog rescues include over seventy-five different breeds. Imagine your favorite breed, the dog you’d like to add to your family, and know that you can adopt one from a rescue. What joy that would grant you and the dog! Adopting a dog helps you, the dog, it helps the rescue continue its work, and it removes business and capital from unscrupulous breeders. There are lots of wins in the #adoptdontshop philosophy.

Currently, maybe your house is full. Or maybe you aren’t ready for a dog. When you are ready, rescuers can help you find the right fit for the spot on your couch. In the meantime, remember that rescuing dogs requires gifts of time, talent, and resources. If you have any of these things, contact your favorite rescue or shelter today. Sometimes we just need help figuring out the easiest way to post a blog. You have time for that, right?

Remember #adoptdontshop !!!

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