Win One for the Kipper!

Imagine you're walking home and see what appears to be a dog running toward you carrying a baby in its mouth. You notice a group of people chasing after it. Your first thoughts are that the dog has stolen a baby. You freeze, fearful that the dog may hurt the baby or that you might be hurt by the dog if you attempt to intervene. But the dog runs straight for you. It stops in front of you, gently placing the baby on the ground. The crowd chasing the dog and baby suddenly stop when they see you, then turn around, running in different directions. The dog wags and nuzzles the baby. You realize that the baby is unharmed and that the dog just saved the baby from some crazy baby-sacrificing cult. Then you notice the dog, whose tail is still wagging with Dumbo-like ears standing erect, bleeding profusely from his back paw, his paw pad almost been completely torn off. There's a name-tag on the dog. It reads, Kipper.

Perhaps you're hiking and hear an unmistakable rattle in the nearby bushes. Suddenly, a snake's head pops out of the brush, hellbent on striking you. Before you know it, a funny looking dog comes out of nowhere, barking at the snake, intercepting it's strike as it protects you. The snake disappears down the path. The dog, whose name-tag reads, Kipper, stays with you, although struggling to walk due to the snakebite on it's hind paw.


Maybe Earth is under attack by some rogue aliens here to farm humans. The alien-in-charge is at the Capitol in downtown Austin, directing the other aliens, demanding they round up all the humans and secure them inside the Capitol building. Suddenly, a big-eared, yet diminutive, pit bull bolts up the street, chasing the aliens back onto their ship, which takes off, leaving many of the aliens behind.


The dog, whose been injured during the alien fiasco, backs the remaining aliens up against the building until the authorities subdue them, bringing order to the chaos. The dog, named Kipper, is labeled a hero, a statue being erected in his honor, dutifully noting that the pup lost his back leg due to injuries suffered while saving humanity. 

The above stories may not be true. Then again, maybe one of them is true. That's up to you to decide.

The fact is, we're not really sure how Kipper injured his back paw. We know he had surgery to fix it and was about to be adopted. The day he was going for his "trial" run with his new family, it was discovered that he had MRSA, a highly contagious bacterial infection. This obviously prevented him from being adopted. It did not, however, prevent him from continuing to fight for his life. 

I had the pleasure of working with Kipper a couple of months ago. Although it was shortly after surgery on his paw, he bounded around the yard, wanting to play, cuddle, and give kisses. There was something special about him. He reminded me of our boy, Doggy Trejo, whose gregarious spirit could not be tamed, regardless of him being used as a bait dog. Doggy Trejo left us in late 2017, but his spirit seemed to live on in this enthusiastic, loving boy. 

I'm happy to announce that Kipper is now free of MRSA. He lost his back leg during the process, but did not lose his outgoing, fun-loving spirit. Yes, he's now a tripod, but that's not preventing him from loving life. Kipper has literally been through the fight of his life and deserves a loving family to call his own. Please help us and our family at Love-A-Bull find this love bomb a loving, forever family.


If you want to foster or adopt Kipper. Please contact Love-A-Bull. If you can't foster or adopt, please share this post so this well-deserving fella can find his home. No, Kipper doesn't wear a cape, but he is a hero in our eyes.

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